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"Come to the edge,” he said.

They said, “We are afraid.”

"Come to the edge,” he said.

They came.

He pushed them. And they flew.


Guillaume Apollinaire


The cornerstone of my practice is 1-1 coaching top performers. There is greatness in you.

This is where transformation happens - in The Green Room. 


SPOILER ALERT - there are only 2 steps:

1. Awareness 

2. Compassion

We'll create and fortify your 'stable base' to create in you healthy habits so that you can engage in lifelong pursuits of sustained high performance. To make it more concrete for you, we begin with mental models and systems thinking that have stood the test of time. Look around, only 1% of the population is engaging in a comprehensive set of healthy habits. The key is to find joy in the daily habit loop. The animating quality of longevity is joy. We will ignite that level of joy in the pursuit. Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not hard. This work requires accountability and integrity defined by actions, commitment, and will. This is the fertile soil for positive growth.

Don’t think. You already know what you have to do, and you know how to do it. What’s stopping you? You know enough. The reason you’re mentally blocked, demotivated, and confused is that you’re not acting.
Behavior shapes ideas and motivation.

Behavior shapes identity.

It begins today. We start right now. That inkling in your gut - in your bones - to say YES… follow that. Pull on that thread. No day but today. Your time has always been now - there is no one else coming, no hero on a horse, no seas parting, no handouts - no one but you to step up. 



If you feel as if your culture, your people, your zest is, well, stuck - call me. My superpowers are unconditional compassion and presence. You might believe these don't belong in the workplace, which is precisely where I come in.


This is where alignment begins, which begets engagement.

Character, and culture for that matter, is all about minimizing the gap betweeen your values and action. Malalignemnt creates psychological sludge. I’ve always been a big believer that people don’t experience your values; they experience your behaviors. Experts say, over 75% of our communication is non-verbal. People experience the way things happen, implicitly and explicitly, inside an organization or family. That defines the smell of the place—the culture of an organization or family unit.


We ALL want to be seen, heard, and understood. The workplace (and often familial dynamics) create contexts, where human relationships are unable to flourish. How can we thrive if we feel stuck? We can't! I can help you get unstuck, from the inside out. Many of the world's most respected, dynamic, and important organizations and people, work with us to fuel missions, flatten barriers, and shape the future. Pride and determination abound here because every member of our team and clients is respected, supported, and inspired to exceed. 



Bringing together the best of coaching and consulting disciplines to maximize people, process, and performance to achieve lasting transformation with sustained results is the daily work we do. Unique from traditional consultants and coaching solutions, I combine the understanding of the underlying neuroscience and psychology (typically associated exclusively with coaching) and the best practice planning (generally associated exclusively with consulting), to provide superior “best of both worlds” solutions. This is about architecting a roadmap for development, grounded in the latest cutting-edge research, to help you and your organization achieve greater success.

In pursuit of your success, we will:


  • Prioritize action and solutions over ideation

  • Bring our best to the table every day to help ignite the best in you

  • Stand together and support each other — always — through thick and thin

  • Create space and develop a practice to embrace new and diverse perspectives, on purpose 

  • Anticipate change, adapt quickly, and manage the expectations of all stakeholders

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